Thanks for taking an interest in Rifle Safety!

We all have a right to train and shoot in a safe environment, and rifle safety is one of the most under-trained skills out there in the world of precision shooting! Complacency is the enemy when it comes to handling firearms, and it’s easy to fall into that trap.

When was the last time you received professional instruction in how to properly handle your rifle around large groups of people? Maybe hunter education a long way back? If it’s been a while, a refresher never hurts especially considering the only training most shooters get is a simple safety brief before an event.

Don’t get DQ’d from a match for a safety violation!

Take a few minutes and let us give you a tuneup on the points of rifle safety.


What You’ll See:

  • In-depth look at the 4 firearms safety rules.
  • How the safety rules become “life” rules for people who incorporate firearms into their lifestyle.
  • Common mistakes people make when handling their rifles and how to prevent them from happening to YOU!
  • Be prepared for your first rifle match with knowing what’s expected of you.
  • Learn some commonly used terms that may be unfamiliar to you.

Added Benefits:

  • Downloadable PDF course outline so you can start building your Modern Day Sniper Rifleman’s Manual.
  • Included downloadable checklists.
  • Easy-to-follow format with an interactive learning experience.

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