What’s the most common mistake shooters
make getting into the game?


“Not learning the trade first.”

-Caylen W.

Thinking of starting into long range shooting?
Maybe extend your range a bit so next time you
don’t have to let that buck walk? Or, are you a law enforcement
or military sniper looking to expand your knowledge and
don’t trust the old system?  

It’s all a process, and that process has to start with learning about the circle that makes up the precision shooting system.

“Honestly, the hardest thing about being a precision shooting instructor is figuring out how to fit in everything that a shooter needs to know in this ridiculously short time at a rifle class! It’s tough!”

“I knew that before I could really start to teach someone to shoot, their setup had to be solid. I was spending at minimum the first two days of the course getting the majority of the students happy with how their set-up fit them. Making tweaks to length of pull, cheek piece height, adjusting eye relief, moving scopes, re-zeroing, it can really take the wind out of the sails of the class fast.”

“It’s the little things that new shooters take for granted that always rear an ugly head. It’s a huge bummer to have a scope come loose at the base in the middle of day 3 in a class, and having everyone take their rifle apart on the morning of day one and start from ground zero isn’t practical. It’s really a no-win situation so we set out to make sure shooters knew what the Circle of Components was all about, and how their system worked.” 

“I really wanted to give our shooters the best experience that they could have. It’s not cheap to travel across the nation to attend a shooting course, and we respect that investment and trust in us. So, we decided to shake it up and bring something to the industry that we had not yet witnessed before.”


Looking to dive into Long Range shooting as an enthusiast? Military or Law Enforcement Sniper looking for more? Sniper student looking to broaden your knowledge? Bust the myths that surround all the components in the circle of your precision shooting system.

Why is THIS Online Course Different From the Rest?

When we set out to create this course, we wanted to do it differently than anything else in the industry that’s out there right now, and bring more value to YOU.

We wanted to bring a curriculum to our customers that covered ALL the bases. That meant that we wanted to include as much information as possible, along with as much VALUE as possible, and keep our program consistent. 

  • Create an online training course that was focused on being a personalized guide, NOT just access to random videos. That’s what YouTube is for…
  • Create an online course that’s ALMOST as good as being there in person.

Looking for a more personalized approach? Try our Mentorship Programs!

We didn’t hold ANYTHING back because we’re not limited by time,
so you get MORE information!

  • Provide not only videos, but a downloadable and detailed checklist to go along with the visual content so you never miss a step.
  • Provide you with a downloadable outline that we’ve put together in chronological order that, when your course is complete, you have a piece of the Modern Day Rifleman’s Manual.

Continue with all the Modern Day Sniper online training courses and you’ll have the complete Modern Day Rifleman’s Manual, to include ALL of the checklists, supporting module documents, worksheets, and shooting drills.

All formatted to easily print off yourself, hole punch and stuff into your new Modern Day Rifleman’s Manual.

  • Provide you with mini-quizzes at the end of each module so you know what the key points of the module are, contributing to YOUR learning experience.