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June 26-30th, 2021 Backcountry Hunter Course 2 (8 slots left)

In this course you will cover a mountain of information (pun intended) during the 5 days you’ll spend with us.  We’ll start off with two days on the rifle range, learning the necessary skills you’ll need to make a responsible and ethical shot under austere conditions, with the end state goal of you having a solid grasp of your capabilities, and your limitations with your rifle.  Moving into the backcountry, you’ll put on your pack and spend three days in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest simulating a typical backcountry hunt. There you’ll learn about gear, how to pack your pack, fit your pack, land navigation, locating game, and taking live-fire shots under real-world conditions.


What you will learn

On the range:

  • The long range shooting system (Rifle, Optic, Ammo, Range-finder)
  • Rifle set-up
  • How to zero and gain confidence in your scope
  • Fundamentals of marksmanship
  • External ballistics
  • Ballistic computer programs and how to interpret the data
  • Terminal ballistics
  • Wind reading and compensation
  • Trajectory validation of YOUR ammunition
  • Unknown distance shooting out to as far as your rifle can shoot
  • Field shooting and alternate shooting positions


In the backcountry:

  • Proper gear selection
  • How to properly pack and fit your backpack
  • Basic land navigation with a map and compass
  • Backcountry nutrition
  • Route finding and hiking techniques
  • Techniques of observation and locating game
  • Campsite selection
  • Locating water sources
  • Basic backcountry first aid
  • Backcountry emergency procedures
  • Trail camera techniques and tips
  • Live-fire field shooting scenarios
  • Meat handling and cache tips