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If you’re here you’ve got an interest in learning how to be the most efficient rifleman you can possibly be, and that’s exactly what we’re here to help you do! Modern Day Sniper has a unique line of training opportunities for the technical rifle hunter that cover a wide variety of topics. We’re in the business of communicating the most relevant and up-to-date information regarding precision and long range shooting to the discerning shooter. From basic to advanced levels of precision rifle training, backcountry travel, and land navigation, we focus on what we’re passionate about which ultimately benefits our students.

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What We Do

We focus on all things precision shooting, competition, backcountry hunting, and adventure so we can pass on our experiences to you; good, bad, and indifferent. This is our lifestyle. 

Why You Should Trust Us

The name is Modern Day Sniper because we’re snipers at our core, but we’re also passionate mountain hunters because that’s where we feel at home. You can’t pack out what you can’t connect with.

Why We're Different

“Putting Mindfulness Behind The Rifle” means we’re here to teach you the full-meal-deal from A to Z, and that has to start with you and your approach to your goals. Setting your intentions is the most important part of a successful training plan. It’s not just about shooting a rifle.


Success in precision shooting hinges on our ability to blend two very different sides of the human brain, and patterns of thinking. These two vastly different thought processes are the science of precision shooting, and the art of precision shooting. The art form is how we interact with our rifles, and how we interpret the environment we’re shooting in. Ultimately we’re looking for consistency, and the union of the mind and the body. Once you’ve established a baseline of competence with the fundamentals of marksmanship, you’ll move into understanding the science of the bullet in flight, and what tools you need to precisely place a bullet exactly where you want it, when you want it there.

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Precision shooting is quite a bit more than what meets the eyes. Balancing the application of art and science, the components that go into the precision shooting system are critical pieces to the puzzle. Success in this world is measured by consistency with regard to the rifle, optic, and ammunition. Expanding on that a bit further we’ll discover that the shooter is the fourth and final component in the circle. The shooter is also the weakest link because we’re human beings.
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Invest in yourself if you want to increase your abilities in long range shooting or hunting. The knowledge you will learn from the MDS Schoolhouse makes the perfect foundation to build good solid habits and obtain great results. 

-Patrick V, Hunter & MDS Student


How many different ways, or thoughts are out there on the “right” way to clean a rifle? How do you know if what you’re reading is the “right” way? We don’t know 100% either, but we’re pretty serious about long range shooting so we wanted to share with you, what works for us.

Learn modern and proven methods on cleaning your rifle so you can have the confidence in your cold shots!

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“We want to give ALL shooters the necessary and up-to-date information that they need to keep themselves safe in any shooting environment they go to. We’re seeing a HUGE influx of new shooters into the community, and that’s awesome, but we need everyone on the same page when it comes to safety. All of us have a responsibility to practice safe firearms handling skills, these are life rules for those of us who live a lifestyle with firearms .”

-Caylen W.

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I’m extremely grateful to have the opportunity to work with great companies and people such as the Journal, Adam, and Nolan. Intentions are everything, and it’s clear that the Journal is setting the bar high with their ethos, and their presentation.


-Caylen W.

Founder, Modern Day Sniper


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